Locked Out of WordPress? No Problem

Did you think it was a great idea to use a Plugin that allows you to change your Admin path only to come to find out that you are locked out?  This quick tip will help you get back in, fast.

Today I decided to update a WordPress website which I hadn’t visited in a few months.  I typed in the usual /wp=admin and my homepage refreshed.  It then dawned on me that this was a website which I had changed the admin path to for added security.  I used my usual custom term and again, the homepage simply refreshed.  I tried a few other similar phrases and was taken to “page not found”.  I then realized that my path DID exist, I just could get to it.

So, what could have happened?  It dawned on me that the plugin I used, to create a custom path, needed to be updated.  Due to the update, the plugin was not working and neither was my path!

The fix below will only work if your path was renamed using a PLUGIN.

FTP Is Your Friend

If you have FTP or File Manager through Hespia or cPanel, then getting back in is as simple as 1-2-3.

Simply go to your root directory and locate /wp-content/.  Inside of this directory is a folder called /plugins/.  What you will need to do is simply rename the plugins folder to BREAK all of the plugins.  Come up with something that works for you that you can use over and over for situations such these, and easy tell that you were there and changed the file for a reason.  For example, I may use /plugins-old/.

Once your plugins folder is renamed, go to your usual wp login.    http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin

Now that you are logged in, change the name on the folder back to /plugins/ using your FTP or File Manager.  You will notice, that all of your plugins will need to be reactivated.  You will be able to locate the plugin that you used to rename your admin path and update it.