Shopify Show Text on Product Page Based on Tag / Otherwise Hide

Sometimes you may want to show information specific to a product or a line of products.  I have been able to achieve this using two separate methods.

Method 1 – Code

Add the following code to your product template file.

{% for tag in product.tags %}
{% if product.tags contains "computer" %}
Layaway now available
{% break %}

{% endif %}
{% endfor%}

Method 2 – Template

You can easily create a new product template for your specific line of products that need a custom look or text.

Go to “edit code” and Templates folder.  Create a new template for type product – example

If your theme uses sections, you will need to create a section to go with this new template (where the actual product page content is made). Let’s create product-computer.liquid.

Look in your new template file for code such as

 {%section product%}

and replace with your new section name such as

{%section product-computer%]