Easy Security Measure – WordPress

It is very common for a WordPress website owner to want to increase their security. WordPress is notorious for a variety of attacks including backdoor, sql injection, and vulnerability exploitations to name a few.  Today I am going to share with you one super-simple tip that will help safeguard your WordPress website.

Protecting Your Directories

Directory browsing is a common practice of hackers around the world.  Did you know it is super simple to prevent them from viewing what is inside of your directories?

If you are using an Apache server, this will work for you!  Simply add the following code in your .htaccess file.


Test your site using the Sucuri Free online scan to see the vulnerability and then run the test again once you have this code in place to make sure your issue is now gone.



#Disabling directory browsing on Apache

Options -Indexes

#END Disabling directory browsing on Apache