Best Resources


Change your WordPress Salts:

(Copy the code you see, and replace it in your site’s /wp-config.php)

WordPress management tool, manage several sites from one location:



“Just add water” CSS animator:



How to perform Magento database maintenance: 


Issues with API Keys?  Validate yours here:


This is my fave because not only can you compare code side by side by you can quickly and accurately edit


Quick and easy online editor when you need one

Icon Maker

Need a standard icon? Want to change color and size? This is the easy tool for you.

Magento Tutorials from MagePlaza

Cookie Database

Have a problematic cookie? Search it by name to determine what resource it is coming from

Graphic/Photo Editor

PhotoPea is browser based, no download, and is very similar to the basic Photoshop settings. Fun to use in a pinch!