Akamai Update – Authorize.net

IMPORTANT:  Authorize.net is requiring that all sites which use their API, update the transaction URL on the back-end to use the Akamai service.

What is Akamai?

The following information is from Authorize.net

Akamai is a third-party cloud network service that routes and delivers Internet traffic. They provide a distributed network of servers and over 100,000 dynamic IP addresses, any of which could be used at any time. Authorize.Net will be taking advantage of the network components, along with our existing secure data centers, to further enhance our services.  NOTE: Currently optional, this change will be mandatory as of June 30, 2016.

What Are the Three URL’s for Transaction Processing?

The new Akamai transaction URLs that are available now are:

Please contact your web developer or solution provider for assistance in updating to one of these new Akamai URLs. Our SDKs have been updated to use the new URLs.

Authorize.net and Magento

If you have a Magento website, on the back-end, you will want to use the SIM url.  The only change in the url is adding a 2 after secure  — https://secure2.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll

For more information, visit:



By changing the URL now, you will be ready when June 30th comes and be one step ahead!