Change Your WordPress Password in MySQL Database

Have you ever forgotten your WordPress password as well as your registered email address?  I will show you how to quickly change your password through the database.

Is It Really That Easy?

Why yes, it is.  You may not be a coder but you know that passwords are encrypted.  Maybe you have tried to replace the password already through the database and it didn’t work.  Well, I am here to show you the quick and easy steps to make this magic happen.

#1 Access

To do this, you will need access to your MySQL database.  You probably already have this through your hosting account control panel probably using a tool such as phpMyAdmin.

# Location

Once you have logged in and can view your database, you will want to go to the table labeled wp_users.  Open this table and you will see admin or other users that you have previous created.

# MD5 Hash Code

You will notice that your password looks funky.  It is encrypted in what is called MD5 Hash.  We are going to delete your old password and replace it with an encrypted version of a new password.  To do this, we will need a MD5 Hash Generator tool such as this one:

Simply type in  your new password and press md5.  Copy the new string of code and paste it in your user_pass field in the wp_users table and press “go” to save the entry.

Return to your /wp-admin page and voila, your new password works!