Electronic Signature

Have you ever had a contract that required your signature but you don’t have a scanner?  In this article, I will tell you about a free online tool that is easy to use and allows you to create an electronic signature.

Handwriting is FOR THE BIRDS!

Recently I read an article about cursive writing and how some schools can now elect to not teach it.  I started asking around and discovered that several friends (who are just a couple of years younger than I) no longer write in cursive handwriting.  This formalized form of writing seems to be “going out of style”, but how can it?

Our signature is an extension of ourselves.  Handwriting analyst can tell a lot from our signatures such as our behavioral characters, mood, mental health, stress level, anxiety, age, sex, and ethnicity.

In the world of business, our signature represents an agreement, authority, formal decision, and of course, our good ole “John Hancock” is the visual identifier that our project may commence.  Projects are very good for web designers and IT Pro’s alike.  Without our signature, our contracts would sit on the edge of our desk or in our email and projects would never start.

So, what do you do when you have a printer but after you print and sign the document you do not have a fax or scanner to get the document back over to your computer so it can be sent to the client?

Create an Electronic Signature

Electronic Signatures have been around for many years.   Back in the day, the innovative type of folk would write their signature in a thin black marker on perfectly white paper and then scan it in to create a JPG.  This JPG would then be cleaned up a bit in a photo editing software so that the background was as white as they could get it.

In the year 2014, most people do not have scanners.  Now, various apps on our phones and tablets are there to help us create a digital signature image.

Today, I am going to tell you about an easy to use online tool that will allow you to make a signature in just a few minutes that is saved to your computer and easily to add to your professional documents.

1-2-3 Signature!

http://www.mylivesignature.com/ is a VERY busy site.  There are TONS of ads, so please be very careful.  To create your signature on this site (and avoid the ads), you will want to do the following.

1) Scroll down to the middle of the page to “Don’t Want To Register” . Click the purple button that says Proceed.

2) Select the type of electronic signature you want to create.  For this example I have selected “Using the signature creation wizard”.

3) As mentioned before, this site is packed full of ads.  Make sure that you see “Step 1” and fill in your name.  Select “Next Step” and you will see each step.

Select your font (over 100 to choose from!).  Select your slope.  Select the size that you want your signature.  Save your file.

VOILA!  Now you have an easy to use electronic signature.  By creating an electronic signature, you don’t have to worry about finding a printer or fax machine (or paying to use one!).  You don’t have to waste ink and paper printing the document just to sign it.

Enjoy your free electronic signature!!