Wireframes in a Snap!

One of the most important first steps in designing a site are defining the content area’s.   “What” goes “where” is every bit as much important as “how” and “why”.  We have discovered a great online tool that will make your wireframe tasks simple.

Wirify by Volkside

The next time your client says “I really like the layout of x site”, you can easily wireframe that site with the click of a button.   Here is an example of how Wirify works.

Macys.com Before:

Macy's homepage


Macys.com After:

Screenshot 2014-03-27 17.30.13


The free version only allows you to see the wireframe.  If you want to export it and save the file, you will need to purchase.  What I love is the free Bookmark that places Wirify directly on your browser, ready to use at a click.