Updating DIVI Theme Breaks Animated Images – Using DIVI Booster

If you have updated to the new DIVI theme version to 2.6.1 and you are using the premium DIVI Booster plugin, you may have noticed that your animated images no longer appear.  This is a quick fix! Here is how you do it.

DIVI Theme

The DIVI theme was created by Elegant Themes.  It is perhaps the most advanced “click and build” theme for WordPress.  Also, Elegant Theme now offers a standalone DIVI Builder which can be used with any theme.  If you have not already built a site with DIVI theme or builder I would highly recommend it.

DIVI theme allows you to build a website that more closely matches your clients vision and the end result is even better – your client is now empowered to easily update their website without getting in to the code side.  Beautiful and genius.

For some projects, we do not use DIVI.  If the client already has a specific theme picked out, we will work with them how they like, but if the opportunity presents itself we will always recommend DIVI since it benefits them so greatly when it comes to saving time as they edit moving forward.

DIVI theme and DIVI Builder are designed for WordPress only.   In WordPress, you have easy to use editors to work with your theme.  In DIVI, you have a TON more options to tweak the site exactly as you want it.  Sometimes, however, it is beneficial to make site-wide tweaks using DIVI Booster.

DIVI Booster

The DIVI Booster is a plugin designed and sold by a third-party, it is a premium add-on to help enhance your DIVI theme.  DIVI Booster is very handy and we enjoy using it, however, there is currently a bug that is breaking animated images with the upgrade of DIVI theme to 2.6.1.

Until the DIVI Booster is updated as well, here is the temporary fix that has worked for us.

Appearance > DIVI Booster

Remove the check from the box ‘Don’t shrink header on scroll’



That’s it.  Hit “Save”.

We have fixed this on about 10 sites so far today and it seems to be the best fix until a permanent one is in place in the DIVI Booster plugin.

Hope this has helped someone else out there!