Hiding Sold Products from Shopify Catalog /all View

Not much is more frustrating than working on a website and not being able to access a “page” to edit it.  Sometimes you can go into the code and make hard changes but other times the smart SaaS systems create magical pages and it is frowned upon to edit the code directly.

Shopify Catalog Collection Page

We are familiar with the /collections/all page which shows all of your products but where or how do you edit it?  Today, we decided it would be best to hide all of the sold products on the /all page because a lot of products have sold and we do not want to discourage buyers from perusing.

After an hour of research, I came up with a solution that I feel is the best way to handle this.  Here are the steps:

We need to overwrite the /collections/all page with a Custom collection so that we can control how it looks and acts.

  • Go to Products > Collections “Create Collection”
  • In the Title bar simply name it  all and press “Save”
  • Open your new collection and name it whatever you want.
  • Add a condition to only show products where stock is greater than 0  (this will hide all sold products)
  • Sort the products how you like
  • “Edit Website SEO” at the bottom.  Look at the URL Handle and make sure it is /all   if not, rename it to all.

You have now replaced your Shopify automatically created Catalog (/collections/all) with your new custom collection.