Collect IP Addresses Discreetly

Do you need to collect IP addresses with your contact form but do not want the form submitter to know you are collecting it?  Here is a quick tip!

Contact Form 7

In contact form 7, it is relatively easy to collect the IP address.  Some situations where collecting the IP address is a good idea may include:

  • Answering a visitors question is determined by their location
  • Spam is being sent through the form and you want to add their IP to a blacklist
  • You want to collect IPs from your visitors to assist in your analytic reporting


How do I collect IPs using Contact Form 7?

When creating your form in CF7, you will need to add the following short code in the Message (body) portion of the Mail tab.


That’s it.  It is that easy.  You now will collect IP addresses each time someone submits the form.