What WordPress Theme Are They Using?

We all have had that moment when we see an awesome WordPress site and want to design one like it.  So, we start searching around on some of our favorite theme provider sites or look at the CSS code to figure out the name of the theme so we can Google it and learn more.

This process is very time consuming and with thousands of themes out there, you may never find the one you are looking for.  After several hours, you just want to find one that is “similar” but are still out of luck.  Well, those days are long gone.  Now, you can simply bookmark this URL and reference it as often as you like to easily check a WordPress site to find out what theme it is using.


Also, bookmark this one:


These free online tools will quickly check the site that you enter in the search box and determine what theme it is using.  This works great for custom themes as well although you will not be able to download custom themes unless that author has included a download link.  You will simply see the name of the custom theme and maybe the author, but it is still great to know.

Happy Theme exploration!