Magento Fix Access Denied errors after installing SUPEE-6285

So, you decided to upgrade your patches and one is the SUPEE-6285.  Now you are encountering an Access Denied error on the back end.  How upsetting!  Well, it is an easy to fix, so read on!

Custom Modules


Magento is great for having the roles/users features.  Now, will it rock your world if I tell you that due to the new SUPEE-6285 patch you can no longer have custom roles for your users?  It is all or nothing?  Yes, this can be crushing.

To us at Hip Gloss, this was completely unacceptable.  After much searching, we found a little line of code which helped resolve the issue.

access denied







Does this look familiar?  Your custom role user will see this error in the admin panel for some of the extensions that have an administrative module about SUPEE-6285 is installed.

Without getting in to the nitty gritty, some extensions will work and some won’t.

For those that don’t work, we have found a solution that worked for us and may for you as well.  One small code snippet.

Find your admin controller file for the specific extension and paste in the code below.

protected function _isAllowed()

return true;

But the most import – Make sure you place this before the closing brace.

Then, clean the cache and re-index!