Magento: Catalog Price Rule Deleted, Discount STILL Active!! Help!

At some point in time, you will probably want to setup a new Catalog Price Rule.  Catalog Price Rules are great if you want to apply discounts such as % off across all products that is visible in your store prior to adding to cart.  But what happens when you delete the rule and it is still active?

Catalog Price Rules

There are features in the Magento Admin Panel that you use daily and there are many that you will seldom use.  The Catalog Price Rule may be one of the features that is seldom used.  If that is the case, it can be very frustrating if you do not see the results that you want and it can be more frustrating when you change the end date or delete the Rule only to realize that the sale is still running site-wide!

Immediately, your thoughts begin to race and you start searching online for a solution to manually delete the rule from the SQL database.  Hold your horses!  Let’s not be so extreme!

First, try this…………

Solution –

Magento Catalog Rule

It is as simple as pressing the “Apply Rules” button at the top of the Catalog Price Rules page.

We are so used to creating and deleting in other area’s of the Magento Admin without having to press “Apply Rules”, it can be easily overlooked.

After pressing “Apply Rules” it would be best to also complete the following tasks:

  1. System > Index Management > Reindex Data (All)
  2. System > Cache Management > Clear Cache (All)
  3. If you still do not see the change on your site, you will want to clear the cache using FTP.   /var/cache